Mental Health form SVG
Maximum Employee Benefits for 2015
This is a table of various IRS maximum allowances for employee benefits and proved to be challenging. Includes 401(k) limits and rules, 457 limits and rules, 403(b) limits and rules, FICA, SEPs and much more.
We need a few more tools to be able to make such a complex form more efficiently.  
SVG Calendars
2015 Calendars SVG
Individual SVG Calendar Months
I'd originally intended to convert an existing calendar to svg, but it turned out to be more of a project than just creating them from scratch.  Only 26 kb for all.  SVGs zip very well.
January, 2015 Calendar page
We loaded the original of this form (an image) as background into the SVG Data Editor, then traced it in red.
1) Used Noto sans (similar to Arial)2) Left it red.
Also traced this form.  An ugly one, it is.
Small tip: 1) make the document width ~ 1700 px.  2) Do the text first, then group, then drag to the blank white space to the right of the background image (get it out of the way).3) Next, draw the lines and group.4) Use no border for the blue fill (draw separately) and put under the lines as large blocks of blue.  Since the lines are on top of the blue, not necessary to be extra picky on drawing.  Group the blue after stacked at bottom.5) Now drag your groups and align, check, select all and group again.  Print to test.
The Oriole, a SVG by Vectoriole
An Oriole.  Make sure you get the svg!
I've been told this is still in progress, but I like it right now.
Daily Housekeeping Report
Daily Housekeeping SVG
When you go to a Motel, it's likely that a similar form is in your room.  Note that 'Spray for Insects' is a required item.
There are several common sense 'tricks' for drawing this type of multi-column & row form.  Send us a note for some hints - or - solve the puzzle on your own.
Camping & Backpacking List
A list of items you might want to include if you go camping or backpacking.  Includes an imported image and a hyperlink within the SVG to the source of the original document (give or take) - at The Lightweight Backpacker.
I added a few items of my own, mosquito net being among them.
Camping and Backpacking SVG
Wedding Planner List
I didn't realize the amount of planning that can go into a wedding.
Significant number of items included.  Prints on 8.5" x 11" (Landscape).
Wedding Planner List svg.  Prints on 8.5
SWOT Assessment
SWOT means Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.
I stumbled on this acronym and found that it means: - Strengths- Weaknesses- Opportunities- ThreatsAlthough this may have value in your daily or business life, we are using it here as an example of using Color, Opacity and Layers to achieve different colors.  Download, instantiate in the Edtor and pull it apart.
Calories Burned per Exercise per Weight Band
While many parts of the world struggle to produce enough food, others are worried about the effects of weight gain.
This info on this svg is interesting, but will be much more interesting when we get SVG charts functioning.
Calories burned per exercise per weight band
Knitting (Yarn) Weights, Gauges, Mysteries
I cannot imagine a physical activity that would be less likely for me to learn than knitting.  
Attached is a chart that makes knitting even more complex.
Knitting yarn weight gauges and other mysteries.
Newborn Baby Checklist
Checklist of Items for parents of newborn babies
When you look at this list,  you'll immediately understand why Mothers get their own Day.  Thanks to for the list.
List New York State Daily Newspapers (with links)
This has been set up to print on 8.5" x 11".
Tested setting many links, using separate objects instead of individual text labels.  Also wanted to check positioning of text on a drawn rectangle and text at an angle.
Works fine and demonstrates one advantage of fixed positioning.
List of New York State Newspapers with Links
How to create an Internal Anchor (link) within a SVG
If you want to create links within a SVG that will focus on a visual space on that very SVG, well here's how to get it done. Use the instructions at the top of this page to open the SVG within the Editor.
A SVG Template for the front of a personalized  employee benefit (Total Compensation) statement.
Personalized Employee Benefit Statement (Total Compensation) Template (front and Back)
This is a Template for the front of a Personalized Employee Benefit Statement (Total Compensation Statement) which is often used by US Employers to briefly summarize available Employee Benefits and the value of those benefits as part of an explaination of The Big Picture.  It's accompanying back is to the right.
The SVG Editor will soon be able to pull variable data into the SVG and create total personalization for print, web or both.  
All samples were generated with the SVG Data Editor
Page 1Samples
4) The Form will instantiate.  Select it, then Ungroup.
Should be able to Edit stuff.  Go to View -> Source Code to see the generated Source.
1)  Download the SVGs.
2) Open the SVG Editor
3) On the top menu, File -> New,Then Select one of the SVGs you just downloaded to your local drive.